Breadsticks with cheese and garlic

Ingredients : ° 1 refrigerated pizza dough tube ° 1 teaspoon melted butter ° 1 crushed garlic clove ° 3/4 c grated mozzarella ° 1 tsp parmesan ° 1 teaspoon of dried oregano leaves optional Instructions : Continued on next page

Chili Cheese Dog Bake

These dogs are wrapped in pepper cheese in a growing dough instead of the hot dog cake, making the pastries and butter. The family, this is an easy dinner recipe -is success with children and adults. It serves this beauty with additional pepper heated and grated cheese cooking to additional embarrassment. Other wonderful appetizers options … Read more

Mexican Beef Lasagna

*Ingredients: ° – 2 pounds of ground beef (or protein of your choice) °- 1 4oz can chopped green chiles (add more if you like the extra spice) ° – 1 pack store-bought taco season °- 2 tbsp hot salsa of your choice (if you don’t like it spicy, add 2 more tbsp mild salsa) … Read more


*INGREDIENTS: 4 PERS. °450 g broccoli in pieces °2 tbsp. butter °60 g chopped onion °2 tbsp. tsp chop green pepper °2 tbsp. flour °1 pinch of salt °1 pinch of pepper °250ml milk °450 g cooked chicken, cut into cubes °120 g grated cheddar cheese *PREPERATION : Continued on next page

Homemade Caramel Cake Recipe

The Kind yellow cake, thick crystal topping that marries caramel sugar and butter – it’s an easy cake to fall in love with. The great caramel cakes are only a easy thing; The yellow cake should only carry caramel flavor and be soft and strong enough to support the frosting, and he is the true … Read more

Golden Fried Catfish

Fried catfish is a Southern tradition, along with buttermilk pups and buttermilk coleslaw. Try these traditional foods together. * ingredients : ° Half a cup of milk ° Half a cup of water ° Salt / pepper ° 1 pound catfish fillets, sliced ° 1 cup fine cornmeal ° Allpurpose flour cup ° 1 tsp … Read more

My Southern friend swears by this dish and calls them “The South’s Finest”

Experience the Charm of Southern Cuisine with The South’s Finest Pralines! Dive into the delightful world of pralines, a treat synonymous with the warmth and richness of Southern culinary traditions. Originating in the early 1700s from French settlers in New Orleans, pralines have evolved into a signature Southern delicacy. Renowned for their caramelized splendor and … Read more

German-Chocolate -Cake

Make our German Chocolate Cake recipe, & deal with your self to chew of this delicious classic ! To beautify your presentation, garnish with coconut and clean walnuts. * Ingredients : +For cake: °2 cups flour °1 c. baking soda °1 c. salt °Half a cup of butter °1 cup granulated sugar °three eggs °1 … Read more


*Ingredients 2 white onions, cut to 1-inch (2.5 cm) slice ¼ c Dijon mustard 1 prime rib (about 6 lbs/2.7 kg) 1 1/2 cups (375 ml) kosher salt ⅓ c ( 75 mL ) prepared horseradish 2 tbsp. 2 tbsp (30 ml) mustard seeds 2 tbsp. 2 tbsp (30 ml) fresh thyme 2 tbsp. 2 … Read more

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