Taco Braid

Before you begin, you must preheat your oven to 375 degrees F , then line a parchment-grade baking paper.

In skillet on heat, heat olive oil. Nextly, adding chopped onion also cook TO softened (it takes about 5 minutes). At this point, you can stir-fry the tender meat, then simmer until dreamy.

You’ll want to add the water and the homemade tacos, stir them together well, then reduce the heat and boil for 7 minutes.

Transfer a college paper to your work board at this point. Line the dough with the pizza dough and let it rest 10.15 inches. Using a pizza cutter, make a 1.5-inch, 3-inch slice around the long sides of the crust.
Minced meat should be placed in the middle dough. Cover the meat with three quarters of a cup of cheese, then add the tomato cubes. To secure it, at the end, starting from one end of the signal, and the first two slats.

You may want to repeat wrapping the remaining slices before the others. To protect two more characters, fold the EDP left and a thousand.

Gently brush the top and sides with melted butter. Sprinkle on top of the cup of the remaining 1/4 cheese.

Finally, turn the Pachman onto a rimmed baking sheet, bake 20 to 25 minutes, golden brown always remembering to let cool for 5 minutes before serving.

Cover the top with chopped romaine lettuce and additional tomatoes for garnish. Always serve the taco cue with sour cream and taco sauce.

Enjoy !

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