Cherry Dr. Pepper Cake 😍😍

Outrageous Cherry Dr Pepper Cake is an incredibly delicious Cherry Chocolate Cake recipe with only 5 ingredients that will astonish you!

I almost call this a chocolate dump cake, because from frosting to cake, this simple cake from Dr. Pepper using cake mix takes only 5 ingredients and is possibly the easiest and tastiest cake ever.

The rich, fluffy and fluffy cake melt in your mouth. Topped with a homemade cherry marashino frosting is really a flavor blast.
It is ready to be tossed in the oven in no time. Honestly, I don’t usually make dump cakes, but sometimes you just need an easy recipe that will impress the crowd.

Really delicious dessert, now please excuse me while I take a moment to gather my thoughts. {{slurp}}

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Ingredients :

Β° Chocolate cake mix: one box (I use dry mix only)
Β° Dr. Pepper cherry soda: 1 1/2 cups
Β° Marashino cherries without stem: 1 jar (I always remove 24 cherries from the jar and leave them aside)
Β° Unsalted sweet cream butter: 1 cup (soft)
Β° Powdered sugar: 3 cups + 2 cups if needed
Β° Chocolate Chips: 1 package, if desired (found in Hobby Lobby)

* Directions :

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