Yes, baking soda cleans and shines tiles: here how to use it

Over time, tiles in the bathroom, bathtub, or kitchen can begin to darken. This is often due to excess humidity, making tiles challenging to clean. While some may reach for chemical-heavy cleaners, others prefer natural household products to maintain the tiles. To address humidity, remove dust, dirt, and mold, here are 5 natural methods to clean your tile joints.

Ceramic, earthenware, sandstone, marble, or cement tiles can be used for flooring or walls. Tile joints, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, also ensure the tiles remain intact and maintain the tiles’ waterproof nature. However, maintaining these tile joints and preventing cracks from aggressive cleaning requires gentle care. Hence, opting for natural products is ideal. Here are 5 eco-friendly solutions for effective cleaning of tile joints:

How to Clean Tile Joints Naturally:

White Vinegar:

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