Throw a dish sponge in the washing machine: the magic trick that solves a common problem

Additional Strategies for a Hair-Free Laundry Experience:

The dish sponge trick is just the start. There are several other tactics to ensure your clothes emerge from the wash looking spotless and hair-free:

White Vinegar: The All-Purpose Solution: White vinegar isn’t just for salads; it’s a household cleaning powerhouse. By pouring about half a cup into the fabric softener compartment, the vinegar’s acetic acid will work its magic, detaching pet hair from clothes during the wash cycle.

Dryer Balls: A Dual-Purpose Tool: Dryer balls aren’t just useful for the drying cycle. Toss one into your washer drum to pick up hair. They’ll help loosen the pet hair and keep it from reattaching to clothing, plus they enhance drying efficiency later on.

Regular Washer Maintenance: Preventing a build-up of pet hair starts with a clean machine. Post-wash, wipe down the drum and check the filter. Regularly scheduled vacuum cleanings can also prevent hair from accumulating.

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