The following vintage items have a story to tell; can you guess what they were first used for?

Within the cozy corner of your grandmother’s attic, buried among her traditional stitching apparatus, there is a small assortment of metallic relics that bring us back to a time when precise workmanship and passionate innovation were so prevalent. These are none other than thread bobbins, which are becoming just as commonplace in homes as cellphones are becoming more commonplace in the current day.

It is the year 1970, and these unassuming bobbins represent more than just the components of a sewing machine; they are emblems of self-sufficiency and the ability to express one’s creative side. Each and every bobbin, with its tiny perforations and hole core, was painstakingly constructed to be firmly coiled with thread, ready to be placed into a sewing machine, which is the absolute pinnacle of home creation.

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