The 5 most powerful oils to have longer and thicker eyebrows in record time

Eyebrows are very important for the appearance of the entire face, and we usually dedicate an important part of our make-up routine to them . They are essential for having a younger look, and need specific treatment.

The problem is that the abuse of treatments full of chemicals, as well as toxins present in the environment and hair removal tend to weaken the eyebrows, causing them to fall out.

Although in the past it was preferred to pluck eyebrows to give them a “thin” appearance, the current trend prefers abundant, thick and voluminous eyebrows . Below we list the 5 best oils to achieve this effect.

Castor oil . It is a natural product that is among the most effective in promoting the regrowth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It contains essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidant compounds that help improve the quality of hair to make it grow back quickly.

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