The 3-ingredient mixture for cleaning dirty and encrusted hobs: they will be like new again

Mixture for cleaning crusty and dirty stoves

One of the most used natural ingredients for household chores is undoubtedly vinegar . Among other things, it fulfills the important function of disinfecting and polishing steel, dissolving limescale deposits and much more.

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Pour 2 glasses of vinegar into a container of boiling water and immerse the burners one by one in the resulting mixture, leaving them to soak for at least three hours . After this time, rinse them under running water and rub the most stubborn stains with a soft cloth. Then they’ll be like new again.

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You can also achieve crazy results with yellow soap . Form a ball, mix it with a little baking soda, then place it on a sponge and rub it vigorously over the burners and hob. Then leave it on for a quarter of an hour and rinse immediately with hot water – dirt and incrustations are a thing of the past.

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