This pie begins in a total fail. It ends in triumph.

I forgot to put the sweet potato into this sweet potato pie. I had prepared the sweet potatoes the day before I baked the pie. I was thinking ahead and using my time wisely. Good on me. I was trying to impress Karen. I’ve got this pie under control, dear. Completely under control.

I had wanted to make a pie from the infamous Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. They are pie masters, and if I was going to make anyone’s pie, a sweet potato pie, it had to be theirs. Bourbon is used liberally in this pie, as it should be used in most things. When I went to Gary’s Wine in Madison to get some bourbon, the guy on the floor asked me what I was making (I had grilled him about small-batch vs. big label bourbon, the differences in quality, and taste).

When I told him it was for a bourbon sweet potato pie, he stood very still, looked a bit into the distance, and said, “Oh. Wow. That sounds incredible.”

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