Stroke: These warning signs that appear 1 month before

Strokes are extremely dangerous. You must therefore remain vigilant and consult a doctor as soon as you notice one of these warning signs.

every year, strokes claim many victims. It is a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain due to a blood clot . At this point, the cells will no longer be irrigated and supplied with oxygen and will begin to decline. This will have serious consequences for the body and it will be necessary to quickly receive care. If the strokes seem to come on suddenly, some signals may come about a month before.

The different types of stroke
Be aware that there is not just one kind of stroke, but there are two or even three types:

ischemic stroke
Also called cerebral infarction, it accounts for 85% of stroke cases . It is therefore the most common type of stroke. If the artery that supplies blood to the brain becomes clogged with cholesterol-rich plaque (atherosclerosis), it is cerebral thrombosis. If it’s a blood clot obstructing it, it’s called a cerebral embolism.

hemorrhagic stroke

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