Steak Bites with Garlic Butter

Step 1: Without the steak, place the wide array of various accompaniments in a colossal ziplock packet and mix it with a spoon until everything is consolidated to approach a marinade.

Step 2: Place the pieces of steak and close it. Shake held steaks to coat steaks with marinade. So right now put a cooler to represent more than 3 hours. Make sure the steak has consumed the marinade well so that it can hold enough liquid.

Step 3: Heat the pan to an exceptionally high heat. Remove the pieces of steak from the marinade using an open spoon and gently place them in the hot dish. Discard the marinade soon after.

Step 4: Cook the steak to the desired temperature. For well, you can cooking for about 3 mn. Serving it hot also savor delicacy.

Enjoy !

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