Put salt in the washing machine detergent, grandma’s trick: this happens to your clothes


Coarse salt also for washing machine maintenance

Not only do clothes get cleaner with coarse salt, but your washing machine also benefits greatly. In fact, you can use this fantastic natural ingredient to carry out regular and correct maintenance of your appliance, without spending excessive amounts and with a product that you probably already have at home.



Do you have to wash stained clothes and don’t know how? Coarse salt is an ideal solution for removing stains in a few minutes and obtaining perfect laundry. Especially white clothes, if treated with this ingredient, will become white and the stains will disappear.

Place a handful of coarse salt in the washing machine drum, in addition to the detergent you usually put in the appropriate compartment. The result will be excellent and with the same procedure you can also wash colored clothes and jeans.

Salt has an exceptional anti-limescale action , reduces the hardness of the water and helps unclog the washing machine. To prevent limescale from building up in the washing machine, carry out an empty wash cycle with coarse salt, pouring a kilo of it into the drum . Start a high temperature wash to dissolve the salt and exert its descaling action.

Even when washing by hand, use coarse salt

You can also use coarse salt for hand laundry and not just for washing clothes in the washing machine. Here’s how to use this natural ingredient:

  • Fill the basin with 2-3 liters of cold water
  • Add 3 tablespoons of coarse salt
  • Immerse the items to be washed
  • Leave to soak for about 30 minutes


Once the time has passed, rinse the clothes and wash them by hand as you usually do, i.e. with the detergent you usually use. Your clothes will be spotless and perfectly free from stains and dirt.


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