Put a bowl of vinegar in the oven – you will get rid of this problem forever

We like to use the oven because we can use it to prepare dishes quickly without the dishes or the hob getting too dirty. This does not prevent the accumulation of dirt and bad smells!
Very often, after constant and daily use, unpleasant smells remain in the oven, which are due to insidious stains that you do not remove or that you didn’t even notice!

To prevent your oven from smelling bad and preventing all those odors from accumulating, it is important to clean it properly.

Of course, there are several natural remedies to keep your oven smelling great and looking like new.

Discover these 4 very effective tips to eliminate bad oven smells instantly!

Clean the oven
The bowl trick is one of the most popular and widely used methods, not only to say goodbye to bad smells in the oven, but also to soften crusts that then build up solve in a short time. Kill two birds with one stone!

This trick can be used with different ingredients:

The Lemon Peel Trick

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