Place it in the kitchen: it keeps flies, mosquitoes and other insects away

Dealing with an influx of pesky insects like flies and mosquitoes can be overwhelming. Their relentless invasions test our patience and have become a universal grievance. While store shelves are brimming with commercial insect repellents packed with chemicals, pivoting to nature’s simplicity offers a safer and environment-friendly choice.

Deciphering the Culprits:
Every insect has its own quirks and preferences that bring them into our living spaces. While mosquitoes have a knack for hunting down blood, flies and other tiny invaders are tempted by light, food sources, and breeding grounds in our homes. Their fascination with sweets, sugary delights, and fermented items is well-known, yet, interestingly, they show disdain for breadcrumbs and trivial food remnants.

The First Line of Defense: Hygiene:

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