Place bay leaves under your pillow and see what happens during the night

Beyond their more mystical benefits, bay leaves can serve a practical purpose by deterring insects like bedbugs, fleas, and mosquitoes, offering a natural way to keep pests at bay.

Fresh vs. Dried Bay Leaves:

Whether fresh or dried, bay leaves are versatile. For culinary purposes, fresh leaves add a robust flavor. However, to benefit from their spiritual and medicinal properties, dried bay leaves are preferred, especially for placing under your pillow.

Bay Leaf Infusion for Sleep:

To further harness the calming effects of bay leaves:

Steep 2-3 dried bay leaves in 250 ml of hot water for about ten minutes.

Enjoy this herbal infusion before bedtime to aid relaxation and promote a good night’s sleep.

Laurel Varieties – A Word of Caution:

While “Laurus nobilis” is the variety celebrated for its beneficial properties, it’s crucial to distinguish it from toxic relatives like oleander and cherry laurel, which are only suitable as ornamental plants.

Incorporating bay leaves into your nightly routine is a nod to the wisdom of our ancestors, acknowledging the plant’s multifaceted benefits. Whether seeking therapeutic relief, spiritual protection, or simply a natural pest deterrent, bay leaves under your pillow might just be the holistic remedy you’ve been looking for.

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