Onions and garlic: how to grow them at home and save a lot of money


For Garlic: Start with separating cloves from a garlic head. Use pots with drainage to prevent water logging, incorporating gravel for better water management. Plant cloves 10 cm deep, with the pointed end up, spacing them at least 8 cm apart. Garlic prefers direct sunlight and moderate watering, about once a week.

Growing Onions

Prepare the soil to be loose, neither clayey nor sandy, to facilitate free onion growth. For seeds, plant them about 2.5 cm deep and initially keep them indoors until sprouts appear, usually after a month.

Growing Garlic

After preparing the pot with drainage, place the garlic cloves appropriately and ensure they receive direct sunlight. The minimal watering requirement reduces the risk of excess moisture, which garlic does not tolerate well.

Harvesting and Storing


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