My plastic windows don’t get wet in winter. I share with you how to get rid of condensation in 3 minutes (my useful tips)

My method works 100% — I don’t know any better. I want to share how I get rid of condensation in the cold season — my method is simple, it will literally take you 3 minutes.

But first you need to understand why your windows fog up. If the reason is poor installation or the window itself is faulty, the only solution is replacement — nothing will likely help eliminate the condensation.

I won’t go into detail about the reasons, there can be many. I will highlight the most basic reasons why windows fog up in winter:

high indoor humidity
low ambient temperature
wide window sill, due to which hot air does not reach the window
a cluttered window sill (for example, with flower pots), therefore warm air does not circulate no more towards the windows.
And now the most important thing: how to get rid of condensation on plastic windows.

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