Miracle Recipes Using Vicks VapoRub Ointment

In theory, Vicks Vaporub is a decongestant medication that should only be used to unblock the airways in cases of colds, coughs or simple bronchitis. But on the Internet, the alleged therapeutic virtues of Vicks Vaporub ointment are legion: elimination of acne and blackheads, reduction of vaginal dryness, relief of various pains, disappearance of extra pounds, mosquito protection, etc.

Who does not remember this sticky and fragrant ointment carefully applied to the chest in case of a cold or cough? Today, it is established that Vicks Vaporub is of little use as a decongestant in respiratory conditions. Even though it is over the counter, it is not recommended to use it. Especially because of the camphor and other terpenes which are part of its composition, there is a rare but serious risk of convulsions or allergies. This is why the product instructions do not recommend it for use on the skin for children under 6 years old. Inhaled, diluted in water, it should be reserved for people over 12 years old. Breastfeeding women should avoid getting it on their breasts.

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