Long John Silver’s Batter

Crispy Fried Fish

Do you love this crispy batter-dipped fish? Crispy on the outside, with the fish cooked perfectly on the inside, it is hard to resist this fish.

Growing up, this was a favorite restaurant of mine. I remember when the Long John Silver’s first opened in Pueblo, Colorado. My family got in the car, and we soon munched on this fish.

This batter is very close to the Fish and Chips served overseas. This recipe is unique because the fish is crispy, but it isn’t done with a beer batter. Club soda is the key ingredient that makes this crispy fish batter special.

The batter has baking soda and baking powder in it, and when combined with the club soda, it gives the batter a unique lift you will love.

What Makes This Recipe The Best Copycat Long John’s Fish Batter Recipe?

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