Limoncello Tiramisu

This easy limoncello tiramisu sings with lemon flavor both from fresh lemons and delicious limoncello. Ladyfingers are soaked in a limoncello syrup and then layered with a pillowy lemon whipped mascarpone cream. The hardest thing about this dessert is letting it refrigerate overnight!

blue baking dish with layers of ladyfingers and lemon mascarpone with lemons to side of baking dish

Ingredients Needed
There aren’t too many ingredients in this limoncello tiramisu, but that means that the ingredients you do use need to be high quality.

Limoncello- this is an Italian lemon liqueur typically made with vodka. Italians will serve this as a digestif after a meal, especially in southern Italy. Buy a good quality limoncello. I like ones that don’t have fake yellow color added to them.
Granulated Sugar
Lemon Juice- Go for fresh lemon juice here as we really want that lemon flavor to shine and the bottled stuff just won’t do it justice.
Mascarpone Cheese- You’ll find this at most grocery stores nowadays, sometimes in the specialty cheese area. It’s a smooth, creamy cheese similar to cream cheese but less tangy and more creamy. It’s usually in a short round tub. I’ve never seen low-fat versions of mascarpone at any of my grocery stores, but always make sure to go for the full-fat variety. You will want to start with cold mascarpone, unlike cream cheese which is usually softened before starting a recipe.
Lemon Curd- As a time saver, I use a purchased jar of lemon curd for this recipe. However, if you want to make your own, you can definitely do that too!
Heavy Whipping Cream
Ladyfinger cookies- Also known as Savoiardi cookies are crisp, long and narrow cookies named for resembling the shape of a lady’s finger. Only use the crisp cookies in this dessert. The soft ones will result in a soggy tiramisu.
Tips for making tiramisu

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