It is a big mistake to add only water to cook rice. Apply this trick!

A common mistake made when steaming rice is washing the rice too many times. Many people wash the rice four or five times, rub it and wash it. They want to peel the rice. This method is highly undesirable and can easily cause loss of water-soluble nutrients.

The correct method is:

First of all, you need to wash the rice, but don’t overdo it. During the washing process, it is not necessary to rinse the rice under running water.
Stir with your hands and wash in the bowl to remove obvious impurities. Just wash it 1 or 2 times gently and it will be fine even if it is washed and stored for a long time.
It is best not to wash old rice more than 3 times.
Then we can pour the rice water:

Rice water is the water left after washing rice. Some trace elements from rice such as calcium, phosphorus, etc. will remain in this water. Use it to water the flowers, it can have a certain promoting effect and wash the rice.
Use it to clean vegetables and fruits. Because “rice water” is weakly acidic, use it to clean fruits and vegetables. It can decompose pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and then wash them with clean water. This will make the fruits healthier to eat.
Use it to clean dishes. It can effectively clean the grease on the surface. “Rice water” is acidic and its water molecules can separate oil stains.
It can also be used to clean purchased meats or seafood with a strong fishy smell. Just add a little salt to the rice water. They can eliminate the fishy smell and make food cook more delicious. They can remove rust, whiten clothes, etc. lots of benefits.
2- Seasoning with salt is essential:

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