Indulge in Healthy Avocado-Mayonnaise

When you get out of the shower or bath, nothing beats a fluffy towel to wrap yourself in. On the other hand, hard water and detergent accumulation may cause towels to become stiff and scratchy after a while. Fortunately, costly fabric softeners aren’t necessary to maintain the softness of your towels. You probably already have vinegar on hand as a simple and all-natural treatment. I’ll show you how to soften towels with vinegar and explain why it works.
Vinegar for what purpose?
Towels may get caked with soap residue and hard water minerals; a natural fabric softener, vinegar can help dissolve these buildups. It’s an efficient and mild alternative to using harsh chemicals to maintain the softness and appearance of your towels.
Vinegar Softens Fabric and Has Other Uses: Towels get softer after using vinegar to remove mineral deposits and detergent buildup.
Your towels will smell clean and fresh after using vinegar to neutralize smells.
Because it does not include any artificial colors or scents, vinegar is a safer alternative to commercial fabric softeners, especially for those who have sensitive skin.
Savor a Healthful Avocado-Mayonnaise Recipe

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