How to use baking soda to clean the dirtiest toilets and perfume them

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Inside the bathroom, the toilet is one of the parts to clean with the greatest care. And for good reason, our skin is constantly in direct contact with this area: therefore, it is essential to keep our toilets clean and healthy to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and germs.
Baking soda tablets or bombs are still the easiest and least expensive way to do this cleaning. Of course, don’t rely on those baking soda bombs alone to disinfect your toilets. It is important to allow time, at least three times a week, to carry out a thorough cleaning using appropriate tools such as a brush and disinfectant soap.

However, these small baking soda bombs are still the ideal alternative when we don’t have time to wash our toilets daily or when we receive an unexpected visitor.

You will need baking soda, liquid soap, essential oils and white vinegar at the time of use, which will have the function of activating the pumps to promote cleaning.

Now let’s see how to prepare this very economical homemade product.

Why do you need these ingredients to clean the toilet?

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