How to scare away rats and cockroaches with a homemade preparation that is very easy to prepare

A piece of bread (preferably sweet bread).
Yeast (the amount equivalent to a spoon).
A small spoonful of table salt.
Crumbing the bread:
Take the piece of bread and crumble it into small pieces, as much as you can.
Added ingredients:
Once you have the crumbled bread in a container, add the yeast and salt.
Mix all the ingredients well until they are well integrated.
Placement of the preparation:
Distribute small portions of this mixture at strategic points in your home where you have noticed the presence of rats or cockroaches. It can be in bottle caps or small bowls.
Make sure to place the mixture in places that are out of reach of children and pets to avoid any accidents.
How does it work:
When rats or cockroaches ingest this preparation, they seek to drink water due to the dryness of the mixture. The combination of yeast and salt in their stomach will cause indigestion, which will keep them away from your home.

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