How To Keep Strawberries Fresh For Longer

Strawberries, with their sweet, juicy allure, are undeniably a favorite among fruits. Yet, their fleeting freshness poses a challenge, often transforming from firm and vibrant to mushy and moldy in what seems like an instant. Given their not-insignificant cost, finding a way to prolong their shelf life can save both frustration and money.

The Simple Solution: Vinegar
The key to keeping strawberries fresh longer lies in a common kitchen staple: vinegar. This simple yet effective method involves a brief vinegar-water bath that works to eliminate mold spores on the fruit’s surface, addressing the primary culprit behind their rapid spoilage.

How to Do It
Prepare the Solution: Mix a splash of vinegar (about one part) with water (about ten parts) in a bowl large enough to accommodate your strawberries.

Soak the Berries: Submerge the strawberries in the vinegar-water mix for a few minutes. This step is crucial for removing mold spores without compromising the fruit’s taste.

Dry Thoroughly:


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