How to get rid of mice at home quickly

We can find these traps in any supermarket in your area. To use them, we simply have to read the instructions that are usually behind the product.

In general, you will always find a cage-type trap with no way to use it. To activate it, we simply have to open the main access and put some food in the bottom. And finally, we have to put it in a place where you know they happen often.

2- Essential oils
Mice have an incredible sense of smell, but are very sensitive to certain odors. That is why for this method, we are going to use essential oils as follows:

To start, we need a couple of cotton balls. They are usually made in a medium size and we will need one in each room of the house.}
We pour about 30 drops of oil into each bun and put it in strategic places, where we know that the mice have a free way to enter and leave.
I recommend changing the buns every 1 to 2 weeks because, over time, the effectiveness drops drastically.

3- Using a spiral
If we have a mouse trapped in our kitchen, we can make a very powerful repellent to get it out as quickly as possible.

We only have to cut a tomato in half and pass it on a spiral. We wait for it to dry for a moment and turn it on.

We left the spiral near where the rat is and after about 30 minutes you will see how it escaped somewhere, all thanks to the natural acid of the tomato and the poison in the spiral.

4- Adopt a cat

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