How to fertilize and propagate geranium: the tricks to make it grow lush

Do you want to propagate geranium in your home at no cost? That is how! It may seem difficult, but just follow a few simple steps to start from a small plant and then fill the entire house with color. You’ll need some materials that are easy to find and you can see the rest of the process in our video!
Do you have geraniums at home but would you like to care for them in a more natural and effective way to literally fill your balcony? That is how! Maybe until today you thought that the only solution would be to buy a new seedling and, however, from the one you already have at home, you can have many more! The infallible and totally natural tricks to fertilize and multiply them at no cost!
Fertilizer do it yourself

3 drops of castor oil
1/2 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
1l of water

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