How to detect negative energies in your home with salt water and vinegar

Feeling a shift in your home’s atmosphere to something less welcoming can signal the presence of negative energies. This shift can turn a once peaceful refuge into a space filled with tension and gloom. Negative vibes can stem from the people we interact with, the history of our living spaces, or even certain objects that hold onto these energies.

Sensitive individuals might notice their emotions fluctuate significantly upon entering a room, ranging from excitement to an uneasy discomfort. An old or previously inhabited house may carry the energetic imprints of past occupants, influencing the current atmosphere.

Maintaining Positive Energy in Your Home

Our homes are mirrors of our inner selves, serving as sanctuaries where we experience life’s highs and lows. It’s where we can truly be ourselves, away from external judgments. Therefore, cleansing our living spaces of negative energies is crucial for maintaining a healthy, positive environment. Here are some strategies to promote positive energy flow:

Set a Positive Intention: Greet your home with positive affirmations like “Welcome positivity, farewell negativity.”

Ventilate: Open windows regularly to release negative energy and welcome fresh, positive air.

Sage Smudging: A practice from Cheyenne culture, burning sage can help eliminate negative energies.

Declutter: Removing unnecessary items can enhance the flow of positive energy by reducing physical clutter.

A Simple Remedy to Expel Negative Energy

For those looking to rid their homes of negative vibes, a straightforward solution involves vinegar, salt, and water. This remedy uses the energy-absorbing properties of coarse salt combined with the purifying effects of vinegar.



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