Homemade Mouse Repellent Spray

Many people use this, as it leaves a very pleasant smell in the house, we love it, but mice hate this type of smell. For this method, we are going to do the following:

We need enough cotton and with it we make a couple of buns (the number of buns we need is the number of rooms in your house).
In each one we have to add between 20 to 30 drops of mint essential oil.
Then we put it in the rooms (especially the kitchen and bathroom).
Every week, we have to replace these buns with new ones, this way we will scare away any mouse that wants to enter our house.

3. Clove essential oil
Another oil they hate is clove oil. This has to be done exactly the same as in the previous step, but we can increase the power of the aroma by adding a couple of cloves in the center of the cotton.

4. Bay leaves
Laurel is a great rat and insect repellent, the ideal is to have some branches in places where mice are and change them once they dry. But the most advisable thing is to have some pots at the entrances of the house to scare them away and not have to worry about changing the dry leaves.

5. Aluminum foil
For this method, we have to cover some surfaces where they can climb, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. The texture of the aluminum foil is slippery for them, which makes it impossible to climb and the noise it makes scares them away.

6. Homemade mouse repellent spray
To make a homemade mouse repellent spray, you need some hot peppers. The spicier these peppers are, the greater their effectiveness. I recommend using protective gloves, since you can irritate your hands and part of your skin.

You will need to:

1 liter of water

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