Gas cylinder, with this tip it lasts you 4 months longer: stop spending money

You probably don’t know the trick that will allow you to make the gas bottle last longer. If you want to know it, you have to keep reading and you will see how to do it.Many have a gas stove which most of the time is powered by a gas bottle. With expensive energy, the price of it has also increased significantly and you must be careful to dose your use correctly so as not to make your bottle last too long. It all depends on the size of the tank.

In fact, there are cylinders of different sizes. What we can tell you is that 1 kg of gas is consumed in one hour and therefore you can then do the calculations based on the size of the cylinder. We certainly don’t always cook dishes that take a long time to prepare and then we always have to make sure that the cylinder arrives full.

For this check and just do it with the temperature. In fact, the part containing the gas is colder while the empty part has a different temperature. Otherwise you will have to get a pressure gauge, there are also cheap ones on the market, and check that the LPG in the bottle is correct. There is another reason why you may be wasting gas and not making it last long enough.

Gas canister: use the lemon method

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