Dish Soap in the Toilet, a Life-Changing Move: You’ll Do It Every Day

We concluded that this is obviously an extreme solution that should be avoided as much as possible, when possible. Also because there are many other solutions that can be useful and that allow you to solve the problem, at least initially, partially or completely. Then, you can ask a plumber to carry out a check , but the cost of the call will certainly not be the same.

To spend less, you can also use chemical products sold in all stores that deal with personal and home care , or supermarkets. These also have a significant cost, but are also harmful to health. In addition, being very aggressive, they can also damage toilets if used incorrectly or with little care.

Organic remedies, a miracle product that saves lives
Then, there are the classic natural remedies, those from grandmother, that can be put into play, without spending who knows how much money, to try to solve the problem we face, in a very short time and without too much energy.

Among these quick and miraculous solutions is dish detergent that counteracts the panic caused by a clogged toilet in just a few moments.

How to Use Dish Soap to Clean Toilet Clogs

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