Dirty, bacteria-ridden kitchen towels, like new without bleach

Dirty, bacteria-ridden tea towels are dangerous and there is a way to disinfect them, but without using bleach.

Kitchen towels are used every day to dry hands, clean wet dishes and pans and to support the preparation of traditional dishes. There is no kitchen without one or more kitchen towels, which have different functions during the day for cooking activities. As they are so often used and exposed, it goes without saying that they are always dirty and full of bacteria: better not to use bleach, but this method sanitises them and makes them look as good as new again.

Bacteria-rich wipes, are they dangerous?
Kitchen towels are part of everyday life in the home, in fact, you only have to walk into the kitchen to see them hanging on the oven door or on a funny hanger. They are used for many activities and each one has its own function: there is one that dries the dishes, one of a different colour that is used for the hands, while others dry the sink or serve as a support during cooking.

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