Did you know all these uses you can give to cloves?

A combination of water, citrus zest, cloves and cinnamon simmered over low heat can fill your home with a relaxing and welcoming aroma, evoking the essences of Asia and the East.

3. Throat relief:
Mixing ground cloves with honey creates an effective remedy against throat inflammation. It is a delicious and efficient treatment that fights bacteria and relieves pain.

4. Oral health:
Chewing a clove can relieve gum inflammation, freshen breath, and additionally helps liquefy thick blood.

5. Natural Migraine Relief:
For those times when a headache surprises you, chewing on a clove may be the solution. Its quick and natural effect provides relief in just a few minutes, and it is an economical alternative with no side effects.

6. Revitalizing tonic drinks:
End a tiring day with a comforting infusion of tea with cloves. By adding citrus fruits such as lemon or lime, and mint leaves, you will obtain a drink that, in addition to having an exquisite flavor, provides a relaxing and calming effect.

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