Culinary passion by Minouchka

Salmon, do you want some, here it is… It is very appreciated during this period and goes well with all preparations both raw and cooked, the main thing is that it is present even if I find that very good other fish deserve to be on our festive tables.

Marinated salmon is extremely simple to make, it will just take a little time not linked to the preparation but just for the marinade. The salmon rests for 6 hours in coarse salt to remove all its water, then once cut, marinated in a fragrant mixture which can be different depending on everyone’s desires and tastes.

I like salmon with citrus fruits, a classic pairing you might say, but with tangerine to change from lemon or orange. And to enhance everything, a spice which not only gives a tangy flavor, a flowery scent, coriander also allows better preservation of marinades and brines. Once again, I like my cooking which combines pleasure and interest…. each ingredient is interesting, so the whole thing can only be!

And to balance this marinade, I incorporated carrot and red onion, a little vegetables for a perfect marinade with a little bread… a nice change from a cheese platter.
For a big pot like in the photo
Preparation time: 15 min
Rest time: 6h + 12h

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