Cracked heels, with the candle tip you get rid of them in just 1 day

As we said, cracked heels are annoying and that is also why they should not be neglected. You can then make this candle cream which is very strong and in a very short time it will allow you to find smooth and silky heels. All you have to do is make it, all the details below.

To make this cracked feet cream you will need: a candle, olive oil, vaseline, coconut oil . It takes very little to make this and in about 20 minutes you will be done. To start, using a grater you will need to grate the entire candle until you have reduced it into very small parts.

Now that you have your grated candle, you can put it in a bowl and add half a glass of olive oil inside. Mix well until both ingredients are combined, then take a small saucepan with half a cup of water. Place the bowl inside and melt the candle in a bain-marie .

When the candle and oil are completely liquid, you can remove the bowl from the pot. Now just add a spoonful of Vaseline and half a spoonful of coconut oil . Mix the ingredients well until the petroleum jelly and coconut oil melt. Continue for a few minutes.

spread candle cream on cracked heels

Wait about 15/20 minutes for the cream to thicken and it’s ready . Put it in a container with a clean lid so you can store it. This will keep for about six months outside the refrigerator. Now it’s time to use it and see if it really works.

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