Crab Cake Egg Rolls

If you’re a fan of Maryland’s iconic crab cakes, just wait until you try them in ultra-portable, crunchy egg roll form! These crab cake egg rolls are taking the region by storm, stuffing all that luscious crab dip goodness into a crispy-fried exterior.

They’re the ultimate crowd-pleasing, handheld appetizer.

At their core, these crab cake egg rolls achieve the perfect balance of textures and flavors. You get that signature salty, creamy crab dip filling loaded with tender lump crab meat, tangy cream cheese, rich mayo, and kicked up with classics like Old Bay seasoning and Worcestershire. It’s basically all the greatest crab cake flavors amplified into one luscious, craveable bite.

But instead of being baked into a traditional cake shape, that crab dip base gets stuffed into an egg roll wrapper and fried until shatteringly crisp and golden brown. Every bite combines that glorious Maryland-style crab filling with the most addictive, delicate crunch from the wrapper’s crispy shell.

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