Burning laurel what is esotericism for?

Did you know the properties of this interesting leaf? Here we explain what burning bay leaves are for and what benefits it brings.

Bay leaves are widely used in cooking because they give a unique flavor to dishes .​​ But apart from that, what other advantages do these sheets offer ?

Burning laurel what is esotericism for?

Burning laurel what is esotericism for?
Laurel plant: characteristics and curiosities
This plant is a shrub that can reach between one and three meters in height, with many branches. Its leaves are pointed, leathery but flexible and shiny.

The fruits it produces are round, tiny and dark. It thrives in warm to temperate zones with semi-dry to dry climates , at altitudes between 10 and 2900 meters.

Bay leaf is also frequently used in cleansing and cosmetic treatments , as well as to improve our well – being beyond what we would expect .

Its main purpose is to soothe stomach pains and can be taken as an infusion .

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