Broom, put a plastic bag in it: house as clean and shiny as in the hotel

Here’s a simple gesture that is sure to improve your cleaning. Do you know the trick of putting a plastic bag on the broom? Discover it with us and you will never leave it.
That persistent layer of dust that always remains after sweeping the entire house is one of the nightmares of those who like to keep the house clean. She doesn’t go away and always makes the house dirty. To avoid arguing with brooms and dustpans and taking more time than expected to clean, there is a simple trick that will help us get rid of dirt in one go.
We can solve the problem by using a vacuum cleaner or, if we don’t have one and we don’t want to spend money, we simply need a household item that we all have at home: a plastic bag .
Wrapping the broom in a plastic bag is a trick you may have seen at home, or even a trick that has caught your attention on various forums, blogs and social networks. It’s very simple but extremely effective. In this way, cleaning our house with a broom actually seems much more efficient. So if you want to know exactly what the purpose of putting the broom in a plastic bag is, we explain it to you in detail below.
Plastic bag on the broom, so it continues
The bag must be positioned so as to completely cover the broom. To prevent falls, we attach the handles to prevent the bag from falling. At this point, just sweep as we normally do and we will find that the dust line sticks to the bag. Instead of vacuuming, we can also use the same method to clean the sofa or other soft items.
Why is deep cleaning important?

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