Big Mac French Toast

This recipe is a way of combining breakfast with dinner in a big way! This recipe combines French Toast as the bun for a great burger. The burger has a special sauce which is the same as the fast food Big Mac. This sandwich has also been compared to a Monte Cristo Sandwich.

For many, french toast with a burger is a difficult thought to process, however, when french toast is made according to this recipe, you will find that the Burger on French Toast is one of the most delightful tastes that you could find.

When people think of french toast, they think sweetened French toast. The toast does not have to be the sweet version. For instance, the french toast I make includes vanilla and cinnamon, I would leave both of those two out of this recipe.

What type of bread should I use?

You want to grab a loaf of bread that you can slice yourself, or one that has thick slices. The bread needs to be a hearty bread that can hold up to the rest of the ingredients.


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