Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Recipe video above. A grilled cheese sandwich is not diet food. So when I have one, it has to be great! So this is my recipe for my very best Grilled Cheese Sandwich. 2 types of cheese. The right bread. Butter both sides. And cook it on the stove! {Read in post for why.}
Crispy, salty, buttery exterior and oozy, molten cheese inside. Are you ready to meet the ultimate cheese toastie??


▢2 slices sourdough bread , sliced 1.3–1.5cm thick (0.5 – 0.6″) – Note 1
▢30g/ 2 tbsp SALTED butter , for spreading on bread (or unsalted + pinch of salt)
▢1/3 cup (heaped) vintage cheddar cheese or gruyere, freshly grated (or other melting cheese of choice) – Note 2
▢30g/ 1/3 cup mozzarella, freshly grated – Note 2


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