As soon as they smell this plant, cockroaches immediately disappear

Cockroaches are very fast insects, they manage to hide in impossible to reach places and lay their eggs in a short time. Their main food is excrement and they can carry pathogenic germs that are very harmful to humans. Plus, they like easy food, so whatever they can find on the table or in pantries.

Many people wonder where cockroaches can come from, although it’s not always easy to answer. Generally speaking, they exploit the accesses which lead them to attics or cellars. They can pass through water pipes, electrical outlets and even small cracks in walls.

They like bathrooms because they are humid, but they are certainly comfortable even in the attic where they can live peacefully. They prefer a dirty, dark, damp place to nest. The areas of interest are easy for them to nest in complete freedom to give birth to a real family made up of numerous small cockroaches: the females produce up to 40 eggs in each act and that is an incredible number.

Plant against cockroaches: the natural repellent
The first thing to do is to keep the house clean, without crumbs or open packages in the pantries. The cockroach does not like clean places without food, which is why it is necessary to make a little more effort in hygiene. And then there’s a plant that cockroaches hate.

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