Air Fryer LA Street Dogs

On any street in West Los Angeles, you can find a vendor selling LA Street Dogs. What separates these from any average hot dog is that they are wrapped in bacon and served on a toasty bun with peppers and onions! The recipe is basic, but every vendor has a unique combination of condiments and toppings. Make this fun, portable recipe at home just in time for movie night, game night, or any night!

Favorite Street Hot Dog Recipe
Make LA street dogs in minutes in the air fryer.
Everything is better with bacon! No need to buy pricey hot dogs, either. Street dogs are a food that’s best served basic, with just the right amount of savory sautéed peppers and onions.
LA Street dogs are easy to make ahead by pre-cooking the bacon-wrapped dogs, and then keeping them warm in the oven with the peppers and onions.
Toast the buns and let everyone build their own. Fun for a party or game day, there’s a street dog style for everyone! Set out a variety of toppings and let everyone build their own LA street dog!

Ingredients for Street Hot Dogs

prep time:10minutes minutes
cook time:20minutes minutes
total time:30minutes minutes





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