A restaurateur revealed this tip that few people know

Very few people know this tip and it was revealed by a restaurant owner. Here’s what you need and how you should do it. Try it.

Dish soap and toothpaste

For stubborn messes, we are always looking for new methods and tips to create homemade blends and detergents that are effective and also save us money. In fact, by combining products you have at home, you can create a new detergent that will surprise you and that you will use very often, especially to clean dirty pots.

The restaurant owner's tip

This tip was divulged by a restaurateur who sees stubborn dirt every day. Below in the next paragraph we will show you what you need and how to make this homemade cleaner that will remove a more stubborn dirt stain. Here are all the details below.

The restaurant owner’s tip: that’s it

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