7 Clove Tips Every Woman Should Know

7 Clove Tips Every Woman Should Know

Cloves, brown and tough, dried in the sun, are spice buds known for their sharp and warm flavor. Originating in Asia over 2000 years ago, cloves have been used for their medicinal and culinary properties. They made their way to Europe in the Middle Ages, becoming as famous in trade as pepper.

Today, 95% of the world’s clove production is used in Indonesian cigarettes. The clove tree is delicate, bearing fruit only after eight years. The flowers are rarely seen, as buds are harvested before petals appear, then dried until they turn brown.

Cloves for Stomach Pains
A clove infusion can combat various digestive issues, especially stomach pains and bloating. Steep 4-5 cloves in boiling water for about ten minutes.

Cloves for Fresh Breath

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