5 Tricks to cook tripe without smell

A question that many ask themselves, how to cook tripe without smell?

Surely at some point the idea of ​​using tripe to prepare a particular dish has crossed your mind, especially to prepare those exquisite, succulent dishes that we so desire when it’s cold.

It is true that a stew, some milanesas or a tripe locro sounds very tempting, however so that you do not get disappointed in trying to prepare a dish with it, I am going to tell you a couple of secrets so that when cooking it it does not give off that smell. so unpleasant that it characterizes it. I’m also going to tell you some tricks to soften the tripe so that it doesn’t turn out chewy.

Not everyone knows that the tripe, being part of the belly of the cow, is characterized by having a slightly peculiar smell when cooked; in fact, the smell it gives off is often quite repulsive.

In reality, the tripe is green, due to the herbs that the cow eats. Obviously, having that color it would not appear to be very appetizing, so to speak, that is why they bleach it and to do so they usually use hydrogen peroxi

Tricks to cook tripe without smell

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