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11- Keep the things made of leather:
When storing shoes, wallets and leather bags, you should put silica bags with them to keep them from moisture.

12- protection of travel bags:
When you store travel bags, their smell change and become foul and mouldy, so put the silica bags with them to protect them from mildew and moisture.

13- keep the lustre of silver and other accessories:
Putting a bag of silica in the jewellery box helps keep its lustre.

14- drying flowers with silica gel packets:
Silica can be used as an easy and quick way to dry flowers and leaves for use in decoration.

15- prevent make-up damage:
You can prevent the damage of make-up by keeping it away from moisture. Silica Gel packets is the perfect thing to do this job by keeping it in the make-up box.

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16- Keep the camera bag from moisture:
If you often use the camera outside the house when the weather is humid or cold, simply put the silica bag inside the camera bag to protect the camera and the camera lens from steam and fog.

17- to freshen the gym bag and the closet:
The wetness in the gym, especially the sports bag and your closet can attract bacteria and bad smell. To make this stuff clean and refreshing place it with silica bags.

18- To keep the books:
To protect the pages of books from moisture, yellowing and moulded, place silica bags between books and pages.

19- Keep the pet food dry:
To keep pet food dry, place silica bags under pet dishes, and make sure that these animals do not reach it.

20- Preserve herbs and spices:
To keep herbs and spices for longer, put silica bags with it.

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