11 Proven Methods to Clean Oven Grime

Return to ancestral methods for a resplendent oven

Nowadays, with the evolution of technology and the advent of new products, we tend to forget the traditional proven methods of our grandmothers. It’s time to rediscover these methods and understand why they are still effective today.

Personal experience

I myself witnessed the effectiveness of these methods when, one day, faced with a particularly dirty oven after a series of cooking sessions, I decided to try my grandmother’s method rather than my cleaners. usual. The result was breathtaking!

Detailed steps to clean your old-fashioned oven
Preparing the oven
Before beginning the cleaning process, be sure to remove any food scraps or dishes from inside the oven. Then set the temperature to 100°C.

The magic of aluminum foil and dishwasher tablets
The combination of aluminum foil and dishwasher tablets is an age-old but formidable solution to combat stubborn dirt. This method allows you to remove dirt without using harsh chemicals.


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