1 glass of salt is enough to solve the 8 biggest problems in the house

Salt is an indispensable product in every household. Those who have lost the habit of eating dishes seasoned with it use it for household chores. It is a very effective natural cleaning alternative to the chemical products found in supermarkets. Find out why you should use it every day.
Salt has excellent cleaning properties that are essential for removing dirt in rooms. This mineral is therefore an excellent remedy against grease, dirt and other stains.

Unlike chemical detergents, it is not harmful to the environment and health.

To clean windows

If you wash your windows with salt, you will notice that they will be sparkling clean. The result is better than a detergent bought in a supermarket.

To get sparkling windows, simply wash them with a mixture of water and salt.

Dilute two tablespoons of salt in three litres of water and clean your windows with this preparation.

To get rid of stains
Salt removes grease in record time, just sprinkle it on the stain on your clothes.

By adding a little salt to your washing powder, you can improve its quality, because you will get an effective and natural stain remover!

for toothache
This mixture of water and salt is used to combat toothache.

Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with this liquid.

Salt is effective in eliminating inflammation, promoting wound healing and acting as an analgesic.

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