With these ingredients, you will look up to 12 years younger: without even a wrinkle

Chamomile filter.
A strategic set to rediscover the beauty of the skin of the past, combat and contrast wrinkles. Cloves and coffee are natural antioxidants , while chamomile is ideal for hydrating and nourishing even the most sensitive skin.


How is this anti-wrinkle substance prepared?

Application and use of cream do it yourself
With all these completely natural ingredients you get a very good anti-wrinkle cream, to apply to the face – hands and neck.

The first thing to do is take the cloves and boil them with water. 10 minutes after boiling, wait for them to cool then filter the liquid into a glass jar. Add the coffee powder (or the beans directly) and mix.

Meanwhile, prepare the chamomile in a filter , letting it infuse and then cool properly. It is added to all the other ingredients and mixed.

The consistency will not be thick like a normal anti-wrinkle cream , but semi-liquid and golden in color (a perfect mix between the black of cloves and the gold of chamomile).

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