Weird and wonderful things that leave the internet confused

Surprisingly, this is a unique hair removal device. Similar to tweezers, it plucks hair at the root, leaving the skin soft and silky. The device is passed over the area, removing annoying hairs as it goes. OH! Who would have thought?

2: The suggestive glass object. Next we have a slightly suggestive mirror object. A Reddit user found it near an electrical panel hanging from a building. What could this mysterious object be? Some may jump to conclusions, but the truth is much less scandalous. It turns out that this enigmatic glass object is actually the socket of a neon lamp. The two anchor points are used to hold the glass neon tubes in place. We have to admit that it has a rather intriguing design!

#3: The Mysterious Leather Paddle: Continuing, we come across a leather paddle-like object with a strap that wraps around the back of the hand. This really has people perplexed. Is it sports equipment or a fashion accessory? The answer is none. This curious object is called Blackjack and is used for personal defense. It may seem harmless, but in the hands of an experienced user it can deal a serious blow to any potential attacker. Appearances are deceiving!

4: The Confusing Metal Crown – Here we have a small metal crown that has confused many people. Described as 3.2 inches tall, silver, and made of a thin material, this object left people wondering what it could be. Is it a decorative piece for a doll or an elegant paperweight? Surprisingly, it’s actually a spoon holder that clips onto the edge of a bowl. No more slipping accidents during mealtime!

#5: The questionable quilted satin fabric.

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